Friday, August 14, 2015

8/14/15 Card of the Day

8/14/15 new moon,

Card of the Day: Justice #11, balance, karma, truth. Today we face what we have put forth. Today is an alignment of forces set to balance out and fine tune the energetic scales. Deep down you know what you what you are guilty of and you know your innocence as well. There is mercy for those with good intentions but for those that seek to use and abuse it's time to face the consequences. Today I sense a lot of resolve and a lot of closing long winded chapters.

Bottom of Deck: 5 of Wands-dynamic energy, a lot of energy at work here, try to stay grounded and focused but use the extra energy to your advantage.

11+5= 16, The Tower, be ready for a dramatic shift, for that which is negative and unworthy will be struck down, but even if this occurs it's to ensure a proper and healthy growth. The tower strikes down what is negative even if we've convinced ourselves that it's a positive. Be safe out there today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/11:15 Card of the Day

8/11/15, waning moon

Card of the Day: 4 of cups, meditation, contemplation. Today I feel this card is continuing yesterday's cards message (2 of swords) in that we must take time to ourselves and contemplate what it is we have and what it is that is available to us. The cup in the clouds could symbolize a new love interest as cups often indicate love or spiritual energy. There is something we are not seeing at this moment that could be of importance to us. Take the time to be aware of yourself and what is happening in your life. 

Bottom of deck: 9 of Swords, worry, anxiety. We may be overwhelming ourselves today and may need time to rest and be at one with ourselves. Take time out of the daily grind today to just relax and unwind. 

4+9=13, Death, a cycle has ended and a new cycle will begin shortly. With death comes life. This is a transformative time and new beginnings are possible if we lay to rest what is no longer working for us. This card indicates a needed change is occurring, perhaps we are not seeing that it is needed as in the four of cups. Be true and honest with yourself today. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

8/10/15 Card of the Day

8/10/15, waning moon

Card of the Day: 2 of Swords, meditation, looking deep within. Today we are asked to close off fall distractions and focus on the deeper questions. The waters in the background and the moon both symbolize the subconscious. The woman is blind folded suggestion that she is cutting off the conscious part of her mind and is focusing within herself. The swords represent purity of thought and she has them crossed over her as if in defense, she is shutting off contact with the outside so she can contact the subconscious. Today we should take time to ourselves and meditate. We should explore our own inner wisdom today.

Clarification card: 10 of Wands, burdens, too much responsibility. I would say this card is suggesting we look at what we are taking on. Perhaps we should lighten our load and find the time to ourselves so we may focus on our true goals.what I mean by true goals are the goals that will help you grow. 10's often indicate an excess of energy and the wands symbolize fire energy, too much fire energy can lead to getting burned out. Let go of some of those burdens and take the time to work on yourself.

2+10=12, The Hanged Man, revelations, joy, seeing things differently. Today we need to take a step back from the regular regimen that we are use to. Today we need to give ourselves a break and go with the flow instead of fighting the current that is life. Once we let go and have faith in the goodness of life we can begin to work on ourselves and find harmony within us. Today find some solitude and explore your thoughts and feelings. Be at one with yourself.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/9/15 Card of the Day

8/9/15, waning moon

Card of the Day: 10 of Pentacles, sustaining a lifestyle but possibly missing something important in the process, watch out for missing the meaning of why you chose stability in life. In what way are we working towards your future benefits? What are we sacrificing in order to achieve this stability? Take a moment to analyze how you are right now and where you are headed. Are you happy with what you are building in this life? Now is the time to find what is missing in your happiness equation. 

Clarification Card: Queen of Wands, fiery and fierce confidence but a tad bit distracted from goals. Possibly caught up in emotional turmoil. Need to reel in the fire energy and focus on the goals you've set up.

Bottom of Deck: 5 of Cups, again I am getting the feeling of a theme here, this card indicates that something is lost or missing and getting hung up on it rather than appreciate what you do have. It's time to move on, you can not acquire what you are missing by feeling sorry for yourself.

10+5=15, The Devil, illusions, addiction, lies. Today we must be vigilant and make sure we are not setting ourselves up for failure by entering into old habits and addictions. By addictions I also mean those who are addicted to negative emotions like worry or stress. Today is a good day to take notice of what is working for you and what is not. Delete what is not working for you before it consumes you and leads you back to unhealthy way of living.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/21/15 Log: Basic Inner Temple Meditation

I have been practicing what I call the Basic Inner Temple Meditation from Christopher Penczak’s “Gay Witchcraft” (pg.60-61). I made a voice recording of the meditation and it really has helped. In the meditation there are stairs to walk down that leads to your inner temple. The stairs that appear to me are grey castle stone stairs that spiral downward like a tower stair way. It’s lit sometimes by candles along the wall, sometimes torches and other times it has a glowing purple hue that brightens the way. The stairs have always led me to a large castle like library with walls and shelves and bookcases filled with books of every type and kind. Where the stairs lead out to the left there is a long wooden dining room table with a huge fruit bowl in the middle over flowing with fruit. Past that there is a large ornate French window that opens out to a white slate stoned balcony that overlooks a breathe taking mountain view. To the right of the stairs there are a couple ornate wooden study desks and until recently there was just an ordinary window, but now it’s a glass and wood door that leads to a stone pathway on the immediate right is a stone pond with a water fall, to the immediate left is a garden and the path leads to an open field. Straight ahead of the stairs are about 3 or 4 rooms filled with book cases that reach the ceiling. In the far back is a brick fireplace with 2 large red leather chairs and a small black wooden side table between them. In the meditation you need to find a reflective service, mine is always a mirror that is to the right of the door that leads to the field. Sometimes the mirror is silver and other times it’s wooden but it is always full body and it’s always to the right of that door. I have recently gotten much better at actually seein myself in the mirror. When I see myself in the mirror I look just like how I look in the physical realm, I am always wearing what I am wearing in the physical or if skyclad the. I am also skyclad. I have successfully changed my skyclad astral self to be robed in fine black material. I’ve also changed my hair and face. A couple times when I looked in the mirror it was not my reflection but the reflection of a twenty something Renaissance girl, with long light brown hair in a renaissance style hair netting, her dress is white with some soft reds and she has green eyes like mine. When she appears she always smirks then instantly it changes to my physical appearance. I get a strong guy feeling that she is me from a past life, or at least that she is a part of my souls history somehow. I feel at peace and a great surge of euphoria when I’m in my Inner Temple. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Daily Tarot 5/30/15

Today's Tarot card is the Queen of Wands, passion, love of life. Today we will enjoy our passions, the Queen of Wands indicates a time of ease and enjoyment. Break out of the old mold by delving into something you enjoy doing today. She is a passionate and intense individual and her fire can be intoxicating. She enjoys life to the fullest and that is whats in store for us today, fun and intense pleasure. She can also indicate a time of new found confidence in ourselves and what we do. 

Bottom of deck: 8 of Swords, trapped, self made prison. We will be challenged to break down our barriers today to expand our horizon. Use the confident energy of the Queen of Wands to kick down the wall of swords or our own doubts and negative thoughts that trap us. 

Clarification card: 4 of wands, celebration, even though we will be challenged to break our self imposed barriers there is still great energy for fun today. Find why you love to do and enjoy your time to do it today.

4+8=12, the hanged man. Let go of the reins and try not to control every situation, let life flow as it means to and enjoy the ride. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Swords, charging into battle this Knight does not hold back. Today's card tells us to give our all on today's responsibilities. It's time to take up our swords and slay the conflicts that would hold us back. The swords correspond to the element Air which deals with thought and communication indicating a need for critical thinking in how we handle today's challenges, mental sharpness and quick thinking are emphasized today. Be brave and resilient but know the vice of this card is blunt attitude towards others. Not every situation needs so much force, be strong but gentle.

Bottom of Deck: 2 of Pentacles, balance, juggling life events, this cards appearance indicates a need to analyze how we handle daily activities and responsibilities but with today's Knight of Swords I would say it also indicates a balance with how much force we use in any given situation. The number 2 correspondence to the High Priestess and her sense of "knowing", indicating that the right amount of force will be known, trust your intuition. 

Clarification Card: The Star #17, openness, honesty- touching on giving our all today we have the Star which indicates a need to be open with your true self and honest to others about your feelings. Shine on and don't hold back on yourself. 

2+17=19, The Sun, clarity, happiness- today we discover a lot about ourselves and how we interact with our environments, this discovery will help us see ourselves more clearly and knowing will lead to relief which always enters our lives with a smile. Shine on.