Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Wands: Burdens. Today we need to examine our work load, have we taken on too much? Who else are we accommodating in our lives? We take on a lot when we are feeling confident but too much of anything isn't good for us. This card's meaning is to suggest that we either continue to accommodate the desires of others as well as our own or we lighten the load and let some things go for now. If we want to get somewhere we need focus to carry all these burdens, notice the way the the man is holding the staffs which represent desires, he trying to hold them all up at once and his head is down as he reflects on all he has taken upon himself. It's not all wrong to wanna do so much but we have to admit its tough and draining on us, try to remember your goal, the reason you took on so much. How can you refine your path? How would you handle your situation? What does this say about you? Reflection in what we take on is today's message.

10 in the minor suits usually means an excess of that type of energy, wands represent fire. Too much fire means too much consuming and too many options of desires, this can be distracting to our goals, I would suggest meditation for today. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

God Profile: The Horned One

Also called: Cerrnnunos, Herne, Pan

Attributes: Horn crown, mature male, usually depicted naked or in leather armor or religious robes, usually with spear in hand, depicted in or around woods or forest.

-The Horned One is a wild god, god of the hunt, king of all the wild and is also seen as a dark god, one that teaches the darker parts of nature and magick. However do not be fooled The Horned One is tough and strong but He is also gentle and kind, a father figure god. One that teaches through lessons and one that asks us to act through our spirituality rather than contemplate. With spear in hand He is a warrior god, defending not only nature but all Children of Creation to whom call out for His help. Cosmically He is the dark part of the divine masculine seen as the father, the warrior and the sage. The Horned One demands us to sacrifice who we are for who we want to be. He demands evolution through action. His elements are Earth and Fire. He is often seen in Wicca as the consort to the Moon Goddess.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Money Cornucopia Spell

(From ‘Cunningham’s Magical Sampler’)

•non-metallic, non-plastic bowl
•smaller non-metallic, non-plastic bowl/cup
•3 table spoons ground cinnamon
•3 table spoons ground cloves
*T.LH tweak: 1 lodestone, 1 part powdered dragon’s blood

-mix ground clove and cinnamon together in small bowl, use fingers to mix spices. As you do tense the muscles in your arm and shoulders as you chant 5xs: “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Bring me money, silver and gold.” Release your muscles on the last chant and feel the energy fill the spice mixture, add a pinch or so of powdered dragons blood for extra kick.
-hold lodestone in hands and chant 7xs while tensing your muscles: “Bring me money, silver and gold”, push energy into lodestone then place lodestone in larger bowl.
-add some coins or bills to the larger bowl then take a pinch of charged spice mixture and sprinkle over coins saying as you do, “Spices fragrant; Spices enfold; Being me money, silver and gold.”
-at least once a day (or more if you wish) for at least three weeks, add some coins or bills to the large bowl then sprinkle coins and bills with charged spice mixture saying the chant as you do.
-DO NOT SPEND COINS, until all the spice is used. Then fish out coins and bills and spend as you please. You can reuse the spice mixture by recharging it with the chant

Friday, March 7, 2014

Surviving Saturn 3/7/14

So it’s happened, I’ve been blasted by astrological forces. My life has been turned upside down and I’m sitting in a funk of the leftover pieces. My ass has been handed to me by the ‘Saturn Return’. Normally it happens at 27 but it can happen as early as 24, which is where I’m at. All of the things I didn’t accomplish in life, all the growth I was suppose to make, my life is falling apart because I failed. It hurt, I lost everything and almost lost the love of my life but praise Lord Hermes for keeping us together. Honestly if it wasn’t for Lord Hermes watching out for me I would be in an even bigger mess. 

When this all happened I became very sick and lethargic, I didn’t have the energy to do anything not even my magickal practice. It’s been a couple months since I even casted a spell (that failed by the way). All my work seemed to just slip from my psyche like I never learned it. My abilities became shot, I cant meditate like I use to, contacting animal spirits has become more challenging, my energy isn’t flowing like it use to, worse of all I don’t feel connected to the Divine like I once was. I feel disconnected and powerless. I don’t know what else to do except pick myself back up and start from scratch.

I still have the love of my life, my fiancĂ©, by my side and Lord Hermes watching over me. From here I can do anything. So I’m rebooting, going back to basics. I’m going to figure out what I need to accomplish to right what Saturn has destroyed. I am thankful to my family who has helped me pick up the pieces and who let me rest after the initial shock of the impact from Saturn. I feel different, in a good way, like I shed all that was holding me back before. I’m ready now, to make the appropriate changes in my life starting with my practice, as it is central in my daily life and beliefs. Maybe this time I will grow and accomplish what I must in this life. 

Wish me luck and strength,

Rose Water: Fresh Petals Method

1) Place fresh rose petals into a saucepan. Pour in water, enough to make petals float.

2) Boil for 15 min.

3) Cool and strain the petals out:

You can use cheese cloth to strain rose water into clean vessel like a jar.

4) Bottle the water, label it and keep in fridge.

Note: use bottled or fresh spring water, this version does not keep long.

Powers: love, luck, protection, psychic powers, divination, healing, attraction

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bay Leaf Spell

On a whole, dried bay leaf write your need or symbol of your need in black or red ink. As you do concentrate hard on your intent then visualize the leaf being filled with white light ( or any color that corresponds to your need) then light the leaf on fire and place in heat proof container. Scatter the ashes to the wind saying “Blessed Be!” The spell is done.

Happy casting!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Protection Sachet

1 part salt

1 part black pepper

1 part marjoram 

1 part rosemary

1 part st. Johns wort

1 part bay leaf

1 quartz crystal
1 black sachet

Charge each ingredient with red protective energy. 

"I charge you in the name of the Moon and Sun, to protect your wearer from harm on every level. No evil can withstand you, no negative force can bare your power. So mote it be!"

Happy casting!
                                                    (Protection Sachet Altar Setup)