Saturday, May 30, 2015

Daily Tarot 5/30/15

Today's Tarot card is the Queen of Wands, passion, love of life. Today we will enjoy our passions, the Queen of Wands indicates a time of ease and enjoyment. Break out of the old mold by delving into something you enjoy doing today. She is a passionate and intense individual and her fire can be intoxicating. She enjoys life to the fullest and that is whats in store for us today, fun and intense pleasure. She can also indicate a time of new found confidence in ourselves and what we do. 

Bottom of deck: 8 of Swords, trapped, self made prison. We will be challenged to break down our barriers today to expand our horizon. Use the confident energy of the Queen of Wands to kick down the wall of swords or our own doubts and negative thoughts that trap us. 

Clarification card: 4 of wands, celebration, even though we will be challenged to break our self imposed barriers there is still great energy for fun today. Find why you love to do and enjoy your time to do it today.

4+8=12, the hanged man. Let go of the reins and try not to control every situation, let life flow as it means to and enjoy the ride. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Swords, charging into battle this Knight does not hold back. Today's card tells us to give our all on today's responsibilities. It's time to take up our swords and slay the conflicts that would hold us back. The swords correspond to the element Air which deals with thought and communication indicating a need for critical thinking in how we handle today's challenges, mental sharpness and quick thinking are emphasized today. Be brave and resilient but know the vice of this card is blunt attitude towards others. Not every situation needs so much force, be strong but gentle.

Bottom of Deck: 2 of Pentacles, balance, juggling life events, this cards appearance indicates a need to analyze how we handle daily activities and responsibilities but with today's Knight of Swords I would say it also indicates a balance with how much force we use in any given situation. The number 2 correspondence to the High Priestess and her sense of "knowing", indicating that the right amount of force will be known, trust your intuition. 

Clarification Card: The Star #17, openness, honesty- touching on giving our all today we have the Star which indicates a need to be open with your true self and honest to others about your feelings. Shine on and don't hold back on yourself. 

2+17=19, The Sun, clarity, happiness- today we discover a lot about ourselves and how we interact with our environments, this discovery will help us see ourselves more clearly and knowing will lead to relief which always enters our lives with a smile. Shine on. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

5/1/15 Daily Tarot

Today's tarot card is Strength #8; confidence, calm will power. Today we find our confidence again, we have been at the mercy of some life changing events and now we are slowly but surly finding our true power. We are finding that we are not so helpless, we have the courage and stamina to face all of our challenges. I'm mostly getting the feeling of "found power", we are a lot stronger than we realize. Today be open with yourself and new found confidence.

Bottom of deck: The Wheel of Fortune #10- luck, fate, taking positive chances, luck is still on our side today as we discover our true power. Take a chance in something fun today, just maintain that confident shine and things will go your way.

Clarification Card- 4 of Wands, celebration, be thankful for all the blessings that already are. You have overcome a lot to obtain that new confidence, shine on and be happy.

8+10+4=22=2+2=4, the Emperor, our new found strength will help us maintain our kingdoms and keep positive order in our lives. Have fun today but be smart and discerning. The choices you make matter.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/30/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot card is The Wheel of Fortune: fate, luck, a turn for the better. Yesterday we dealt with Death and it's transfiguration of our paths and today we come upon luck, those changing qualities of Death have ushered in a new time for us. Now with The Wheel of Fortune we can start our new paths with luck on our side. Things have changed for the better, new light and beginnings are upon us and these come from our past experiences which is a key part of this card. We will take a worthy risk today into something new, be open to chance and know that luck is on your side.

Bottom of deck: 2 of Cups, relationship, balance, love, today we have luck in all things including love, our relationships with others will be balanced and perfect but I get the feeling of renewal with this card so the loves that we already have will see a new commitment. 

Clarification card: 4 of Swords, rest and peace after battle. Today we will have a chance to rest from all the hub bub and be able to restore ourselves for what comes next. With luck on our side we can rest easy today and know that good things are coming.

10+2+4=16, the Tower, upheaval, release, today we should expect some extreme and sudden changes left over from yesterday's Death card. That which has been a long standing problem will be destroyed suddenly which may leave some bewildered but know that this destruction is necessary for our new selves to flourish. Be prepared today and remember that luck is with us.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/29/15 Daily Tarot

Today's tarot card is Death #13- transformation, today we will see the end of our old ways, Death indicates a great change in our lives. A transformation to something new. We should not be afraid of this card for it clears the way for new growth. This card has many indications but the primary focus for today is change of the "old ways". A new path is being cleared for us with the destruction of the old path we were on. With death comes life, it is the way of nature. New things can grow now that the old things have withered away.

Bottom of deck: 6 of wands- Victory, the changes that come with Death will lead us to a new and better path for us all. We will be able to overcome the old challenges as they fade away. 

Clarification Card- 4 of wands, celebration, we should be happy that this change has finally come, it will unite us with those we love and those that are new to us. We must be thankful for all the new blessings that come from the Death card.

13+6+4=23=2+3=5, the hierophant, traditional roles. Again we see that we are right back where we started in our paths with the traditional roles placed upon us, but this path is similar yet new as we have a new perspective on it. Examine where you are now and know it will evolve to something better. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the 2 of Swords: choice, balance, meditation. Today we are faced with a choice, one that we will have to choose for ourselves, this choice is one we can figure out deep down in ourselves. Find time to meditate today on what is going on in your life and what path you should choose. The swords represent thought and the blindfold tell us that our deeper thoughts are where we will find answers. Look deep within today and you will discover where it is you need to focus your time and energy. Spiritual pursuits should be emphasized today.

Bottom of deck: The World #21-

Once we discover our true path we will be in the graces of the World card, success, breakthrough, completion, give your all to the choice you make.

Clarification Card: Knight of Pentacles-slow steady work, diligence. Progress will be slow but it's still progress. Our choices today will determine that progress.

2+21=23=2+3=5 the hierophant, traditional roles, organization, society, today we find our place where we first began, within the roles given to us by society. These roles are traditional for us but they are also a part of who we are to become. Be open with where you are and who you are today.

Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords. Today we may want to sneak off and do our own thing leaving behind the responsibilities we don't want. This may solve some problem but only temporarily, it's not a full proof plan of action. Sometimes we need time to ourselves but it becomes a problem when we dismiss our responsibilities to do so. Take time to yourself if you need it but finish your obligations first. No need to be tricky, be honest with yourself and others.

Bottom of Deck: Page of Cups, continuing on the need for time to ourselves today we have the page of cups which indicates a message from our subconscious, deep down there is something stirring and perhaps some meditation or quiet time will help us realize that message. Just don't sneak away from responsibilities to do so.

7 is the number of the Chariot, which represents movement and will power. Where is your mind at this time? How will you handle your quiet time today? What does this say about you? Be in control today and stay focused on the big goals.