Friday, April 17, 2015

4/17/15 Daily Tarot


Today's Tarot Card is Temperance #14: alchemy, moderation, new balanced approach to life, refinement. Today we discover some higher qualities within us. Yesterday we focused inward and today we have found some honorable traits. Temperance can indicate victory over addiction and it is a crucial step towards our own self fulfillment. Addiction can be many things including self hate, negative thinking, worry,etc. Temperance's appearance indicates we have overcome those low qualities and have found a balance in moderation. This can indicate the beginning of a new life, a fresh approach to life now that we are not weighed down by negative addictions, we can see things as new and there are more opportunities for us to grow. This card also symbolizes combining two different things to make a new thing, we are combining energies within ourselves and have found refinement of our souls in the process. 

Bottom of deck: The Tower #16- sudden change, ending of some long standing problem. Things might get shaken up because of our new stance in life. There may be others whose addictions or negative behavior depends on yours and now that you have overcome those negative feelings their world (and yours) is crumbling. But it was a false ideal, the tower represents false ideas that build until their collapse. Do not be afraid of destruction, it leads to new creations. This old life has to fade if your new life is to flourish. Be strong in your commitment to a new you today. 

14+16=30=3, the Empress- unconditional love, abundance, nature, this destruction and collapse of the negative ideals come from a place of love, the goodness of life will always win out even in tumultuous times. Have faith in yourself. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/16/15 Daily Tarot


Today's Tarot card is The Hermit #9: wisdom, spiritual guidance, being reclusive. What a contrast to yesterday's out ward loving energy, today we need to take that same loving energy and start to focus it inward. Just as we show affection and time for others we need to take that same time and energy for ourselves and pursue our own needs and goals. The Hermit represents spiritual guidance and this means many things to different people but typically it is a sign for us to refine our relationship with ourselves and our souls. Take sometime to yourself today if you can, read a book you have been putting off, listen to some music by yourself, journal or meditate. It's time to start doing for you so you can continue to grow. 

Bottom of the deck: 5 of Pentacles- usually this card means financial and health trouble, but for today I feel it means taking a break from societies demands on us and focus on what is truly important in our lives which is our spiritual development, whatever that may mean to you. Try not to get caught up with traditional societal roles, this is only one aspect of yourself, find the others.

9+5=14, the Temperance, balance, alchemy and spiritual pursuits. We need to find a balance with how we identify with ourselves and how society sees us. Follow your intuition today and take care of yourself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4/15/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is The Lovers #6: love, relationship, choices, compromise, union. Today is a loving and fresh day! We may be extra attuned to that special person in our lives. This card represents choices, specifically the choices we make with or for another. It's the compromise that makes your relationship work as a unit, a partnership. For today I get the feeling of "reunited again", we are reminded today of the great loves in our lives and of all we have done to maintain that love. Today express your love to that special someone, or that creative passion that completes you. Follow your heart today.

Bottom of Deck: The Moon #18- deception, dark parts of the mind- we may fear our significant other is not honest with us or that they are not truly with us as a unit. This is a fear wrapped in rejection and loneliness which the Moon often represents. Do not feel with your head and all it's ego traps, feel instead with your heart and be open and honest with your loved ones.

6+18=24=2+4=6, love. Let love shine on today despite our fears of lonliness and rejection. Follow your heart and creative passions today. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/14/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the 9 of Pentacles: satisfaction, comfort, abundance, achievement. We have been working hard lately and now we are seeing the spoils of such hard work. Today we treat ourselves with the luxuries we've earned. Be at peace knowing you have disciplined yourself well to achieve these luxuries in your life. Be thankful for your determination to get to this stage of prosperity. This card also indicates a completed project, one that you have been working yourself, take pride in its completion, again your discipline has strengthened your resources and personal achievements. Relax and be happy today. You have done well. 

Bottom of Deck: King of Swords- there is a need to be discerning in the choices we make today, relax but keep a clear head in the game. Understand the consequences of your decisions. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13/15 Daily Tarot


Today's Tarot Card is the 5 of wands: competition, wild energy. Today we may be filled with energy, this energy needs to be directed and grounded to be useful to us. This cards appearance may indicate some healthy competition at work as well, but more likely it indicates a creative force with lack of direction. Keep yourself grounded today and be open to showing off your own skill and knowledge.

Bottom of Deck: the Hierophant #5, organization, tradition, today's energy may stir up the work place today, there will be a little break in our traditional work day in which the energy of the 5 of wands will play some discordian role. Things may get shaken up at work.

Clarification card: 7 of swords, trickery, sneaky, we may find a way to take the edge off of today but it's not a long term solution. Be aware of your actions today and be strong against any sneaky ideas you may have to cut corners. Be honorable despite yourself today. 

5+5+7=17, the Star, be yourself today, your true self. Be open and shine on even in the face of adversity. You are most brilliant when you are just yourself. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

4/11/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot Card is the Star #17: openness, hope, healing and regeneration. Today we get the chance to shine bright like the stars we are! This card is about feeling connected to our true selves and it challenges is to not be ashamed of who we are. The Star asks us to be confident and not let the opinions of others darken your spirits. Today don't worry so much about trying to impress others, instead try and impress yourself and work towards being more confident in who you really are. Be at peace with yourself. 

Bottom of Deck: 8 of Swords- feeling trapped by problems, we need to stop playing the victim and start empowering ourselves to overcome our challenges.

Friday, April 10, 2015

4/10/15 Daily Tarot

Today's Tarot card is The Fool#0: freedom, spontaneity, recklessness, new journey, taking a chance. Today's card is about starting a new journey in life, we begin journeys when we are searching for something more than what our current positions can provide for us. The Fools message is to break free from our own expectation of life and to go out into a fun adventure. However notice that the Fool is about to drop off a cliff, he has no idea the challenges that are ahead of him but still he wanders with a carefree attitude. Today we may find a new opportunity for adventure, one that comes with risks, the fool says "poo, poo" to risks and fully engages himself in the adventure at hand. We need to take a chance on this new opportunity and leave our doubts and worries behind us if we are to advance anywhere new in our own journeys. The number of this card is actually not a proper number, zero means anything can happen. We wipe the slate clean with our new journey, we are able to start again on a new path. Today be aware of the adventure that is calling you and be brave enough to take a risk to see where this journey will lead.

Bottom of deck: The Star #17: hope, openness, healing and regeneration. This card seems to emphasis our need to take a risk today and the Star is telling us not to hold back, to fully express who we are and not be ashamed or hide in fear of others disapproval or scorn. Be yourself and shine brightly on your new path today. Today we can be reborn into something more refined. Trust in yourself and in the goodness of life.

1+7=8, Strength- strong will and calm action. You have the power to overcome much of your own self defeat, you are far more powerful than you realize.